Saturday, August 2, 2008


We really love to go kayaking at the Outer Banks!

This is Mike in July of this year on Shackelford Banks. We had kayaked over from Shell Point on Harker's Island, NC.

This is a harem of wild horses, including a colt, on Shackelford Banks.

We ate lunch in the little building behind Dru. The ocean is just beyond the fence in the background. Dru is standing on dock on the sound side of the island.

This harem of ponies is one we saw on Carrot Island. We did the nine mile trip around the island ending our paddle with a night cruise on the waterway between Carrot Island and Beaufort, NC.


Darryl and Cindy said...

Yea!!! You are blogging!! I love it! Looks like fun kayaking! I hope you wore your sunblock!!!

Ryan & Skye Lowry said...

It looks like fun! Ryan loves kayaking so we should go more often. Glad to see y'all are blogging!

Alicia said...

You have to post more! I didn't even know you had a blog! I miss you guys.

Jacob and Cami said...

Wow! you went kayaking?! that's so much fun! did you guys go last year (2008), too? - Jake